Cost of living in Nairobi?

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Cost of living in Nairobi?

Post  Clarissa on Fri Dec 02, 2011 7:54 am

We are coming to Nairobi this weekend to have a look around as my husband's company wants to transfer him to their nairobi office.

I want to get an idea of what the costs would be for some day to day living. I've looked at school fees, domestic staff salaries, fuel, cars etc but can't find any information about the cost of electricity/gas/water (other than its expensive) or the price of food.

Please could someone give me a rough idea of a monthly utilities bill for a four bed house, four people with plenty of gadgets, computers etc?????

Also, what would be the rough cost of feeding a family of four (including three hungry males)???? I know that it depends on whether we are trying to buy lots of imported goods. But a rough idea would be brilliant!!

Thank you SO much!


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