Looking for Kindergarten/Nursery for 16 month old

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Looking for Kindergarten/Nursery for 16 month old

Post  Gogo on Wed Nov 23, 2011 7:06 pm


I currently live in London but will soon be in Nairobi for a few months visiting my parents who are expatriates there. I was wondering if anyone can offer advice on a good Kindergarten/Nursery for my 16 month old son to attend whilst we are there particularly around the Runda/Gigiri area where we will be living. We'll be in nairobi for about 3 months from January 2012 and i want my son to continue the interactive play and learn which he recently started undergoing in nursery here in the UK. i'd be most grateful for any pointers.

Merry christmas in advance to all the members of this forum! santa


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