Nice places for a coast weekend?

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Nice places for a coast weekend?

Post  siena117 on Fri Jan 08, 2010 3:13 pm


been in Nairobi for six months and headed to the coast for the third time. Must say that beautiful weekend trips are one of the nicer perks of moving to Kenya!

First trip to the coast we stayed at a cheap all-inclusive in Diani, second trip we rented a big house with friends in Vipingo. Now it is just my husband and me...looking for someplace not too far from the Mombasa airport with good snorkeling and a relaxed atmosphere. Any tips on houses or nice places to stay?

Hope this is the right place for this post!

Asante Smile


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Nice places at the coast

Post  Admin on Thu Jan 14, 2010 11:40 am

Hi - lucky you going off to the coast.

I guess for a weekend you would need a hotel rather than a house.

Hotels just north of Mombasa (but still in Mombasa) that I would recommend would be White Sands (good diving/snorkling school there) and Serena - which I have never been to, but have heard great things about.

A little further north of Vipingo (45 mins/1 hr from airport) is Kilifi. On the mouth of the creek there's Mnarani Beach Club, which has an amazing Neilson watersports centre offering water skiiing, sailing, windsurfing, diving. All brand new equipment. The rooms are a bit smallish but air conditioned, and there's a beautiful, huge eternity pool. Depends on how sporty you guys are!!

Further north again is Watamu - a fab long white sand beach, which is great for snorkling on the reef too. Lots of boat trips available. Turtle Bay beach club/hotel is very nice, all inclusive and also has lots of facilities for sailing/windsurfing etc. For a house in Watamu try,


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