Estate Agents Covering Karen/Langata?

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Estate Agents Covering Karen/Langata?

Post  suzanne on Fri Jan 21, 2011 5:05 pm

Hi All

My husband and I are shortly relocating from UK to Kenya and are lining up potential rental houses to view in early Feb. We've been in contact with Karengata, Langatalink and Hass Consult (with varying degrees of success!) and were wondering if there are any others that we can contact? There seem to be very few websites available for Estate Agents and some promise so much but deliver so little...claiming to be No1 in Kenya then having precisely 1 house to rent...

The company we're working for is new out there so we don't have any in-country contacts right now, which is making the whole house search a little hard. I can hardly send hubby out there in a couple of weeks and just tell him to wander round looking for Estate Agents - he'll be doing a flying 2 day visit between Nigeria and Dubai - so will have to spend the time wisely - cramming as many pre-arranged viewings in as possible!

Any tips very welcome!



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Karen/Langata estate agents

Post  SuzC on Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:21 am

Hi Suzanne

You've got most of them listed. With addition of Fastrack (details below) they cover most of the property in this relatively small area. We used Fastrack when we moved about 9 months ago and found them very helpful.

The other potential source for you is the regular expat magazine Expatlink which carries some listings (mainly from all the agencies you mention but also a few private ones).

Good luck with the move!

Suz (also a Suzanne!)


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Re: Estate Agents Covering Karen/Langata?

Post  suzanne on Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:11 pm

Hi Suz - thanks very much! In fact you had already inadvertently helped me by replying to someone else's post about staff :-) the link you provided to Word of Mouth led me to Fastrack who have been really helpful.

thanks again!
Suzanne :-)


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Re: Estate Agents Covering Karen/Langata?

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