Botswana anyone??

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Botswana anyone?? Empty Botswana anyone??

Post  eltrl on Fri Jul 03, 2009 9:10 pm

Hi, I'm a regular lurker on your blog which I found when I thought we might be moving to Nairobi....
But now it looks like it will be Gaborone instead!
Anyone know anyone/anything re Gaborone?? Have been in Lusaka for 5 years so not new to Africa, but never been to Botswana and know nothing about it beyond Precious Ramotswe....
My husband and I are both Brits, we have 2 small boys aged 3 & 1 so all kid-related info a bonus!

TIA xx


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Botswana anyone?? Empty Botswana

Post  Admin on Wed Aug 05, 2009 3:14 pm

Hi, just a quick note to say thanks for your message. Sorry to hear that you are not coming to Kenya, but I watched the No 1 Detective Agency film on Monday night - (been a fan of the books before) and it looked fantastic.

I can't help you much but Gaborone I am sure will be very developed - I gather its proximity to South Africa means that you have easy access to lots of goods from there and its mineral wealth means that it's a prosperous country - but I am just guessing here - try the CIA country site for info? Let me know what you think when you get there! Good luck with your goodbyes in Lusaka.


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