preventive measures against malaris for babies / need info

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preventive measures against malaris for babies / need info

Post  a_net6 on Wed Jan 12, 2011 11:59 am

We are about to move to Nairobi with our 13 months old daughter. I have read and heard controversial stories about how nice and how ugly it is for an expat. But one thing that keeps me terrified is the malaria issue. I mean i read Nairobi is in a low risk zone, but I would be really thankful if anyone who is residing there could advise how it really works in every day life. How does it work for kids? What kinds of preventive measures? Do you use anti-malaria drugs? What about babies - do they need any kind of medication as well??
I desperately need some real info, and would be much grateful for feedbacks!!
Thanks in advance!


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Re: preventive measures against malaris for babies / need info

Post  thejoker on Fri Jan 14, 2011 10:38 am


I'm not aware of any expats who take anti-malaria pills in Nairobi. Most don't even bother taking these while traveling to the coast or on safari. It's best to take the foll. precautions:
1. Sleep under a treated mosquito net
2. If you have mosquitoes in your locality, put mesh on windows
3. Use a mosquito repellant and cover your skin with long trousers and shirts

Best of luck and stay safe.


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Malaria fears

Post  Admin on Thu Feb 10, 2011 5:42 pm

I don't want to make too much of a sweeping statement but... it's highly unlikely that you will get malaria in Nairobi. Another thing that should make you feel better is the medical care as far as malaria testing and treatment is concerned, is great. Malaria pills don't stop you getting malaria but give you a mild treatment in case you get it - the problem with this long term is that the pills can mask the symptoms of malaria, so the sufferer just thinks they have a cold or flu. The theory is that if you live here in Kenya, then better to get the full blown malaria symptoms then act fast and treat immediately.

Any sign of a spiking fever and a finger prick test just takes minutes to do - just ten minutes for results. Best hospitals in Nairobi; Aga Khan hospital - Parklands, Nairobi hospital - Upper Hill, Gertrudes Garden childrens hospital - Muthaiga (they also have a G Garden satellite clinic for quick doctor's visits and can do urine/stool/blood tests and pharmacy/dispensing all in one stop shop - Lavington area).

We lived in Malarial Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for 4 years, with babies - and none of us got malaria. I swear by sleeping under treated nets where possible, taking them with you when you travel too. Also, in coastal areas, cover up in the evening and drop nets around beds by 5pm. Malaria carrying mosquitoes (anopholese) are mostly active late at night 10pm to 6am - so kids usually safely tucked up by then.

I did reply to a similar query on this forum so if you search about a bit you might find some more info - so sorry but I can't remember exactly where!?!

thx and don't worry!

Africa Expat Wife!


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Re: preventive measures against malaris for babies / need info

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