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Country clubs, schools and appliances Empty Country clubs, schools and appliances

Post  ummamamma on Tue Jul 17, 2012 5:58 am

Hello- My husband has taken a job in Nairobi and we will be moving there in January from Los Angeles. We have two little girls who are 9 and 6. I have learned a lot from reading this blog and from the forum, but I have a couple questions that I would love some more specific info on if possible.

1. My husbands company will pay country club dues - I have never belonged to a country club in the states or anywhere for that matter. However I hear that it is a good idea there in order to meet people, have access to exercise facilities and for things like swim lessons for the kids. I have no idea where to start. Is there a good way to choose a club? We don't yet know where we will be living or where the girls are going to attend school. My husband's work is in the westlands area.

2. My daughters attend a Waldorf school in Los Angeles and I would love for them to continue with this type of education, but I have heard mixed reviews on the Nairobe Waldorf School in Karen. I am wondering if there is anyone who knows of a contact there of a family who attends that may be willing to share their experience?

3. Lastly, We are wondering what appliances we should be bringing with us from the states. At this point, the only things we plan to bring are the flat screen T.V. and computers. Does this sound right? or should we consider the refrigerator...or leave the T.V. at home...?

Thank you so much!


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