Safe Cycling in Karen Langata area

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Safe Cycling in Karen Langata area

Post  Sean_H on Tue Nov 22, 2011 12:52 pm

having recently moved into the Karen area I was wondering if anyone could advise of safe cycling areas for the family in the nearby vicinity.


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Safe cycling in Nairobi

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 23, 2011 5:50 pm

Hi there,

Good question re cycling -it's one we have struggled with a bit.

The Primate centre that is at the bottom of Karen Road is good for family cycling. Go past Karen Blixen Museum, continue on Karen Road onto rougher part, straight down the hill to the bottom where you will find the primate centre - it only costs around 100 shillings (50 for children) to get in. Nice for picnic-ing too - a sort of forest area that runs along the Mbagathi River (there is a waterfall too) and has quite a few tarmac paths. It is a little bit hilly/steep though, but obviously absolutely no cars.

Alternatively, for flatter cycling for learners, we have often put the bikes in the car and gone to Mikoma Estate a little way out of Karen toward Ngong town and turn right after the Shade Hotel, then right again to the estate. This is a 2km circuit (literally a circle) on a quiet residential estate. There is a barrier with security as you go in but I am sure they won't mind you coming in, parking up and cycling for an hour or so. We've done it a lot of times.

Out of Karen:

In the centre of town is a bike park. I only know because my kids have gone there on a school trip. Not sure exactly where it is.

I am also sure that the recently done up for visitors (with better paths/security etc) Karua forest in Muthaiga also has good bike tracks.

Any other suggestions welcome!


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