Dentist for kids

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Dentist for kids

Post  mamanaomi on Tue Nov 17, 2009 5:06 pm

anyone know of a good dentist for kids?

also, any idea on prices for teeth cleaning, dental exams, etc?



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Dentists in Nairobi

Post  Admin on Mon Nov 30, 2009 10:57 am

Finding a good dentist is no mean task and whoever you ask will have a different answer. I have tried many, but obviously not all!

There's one in Karen who did root canal surgery on a friend and she said they were v. good and only around 500/- a consultation. But I have also heard more negative stories here.

In School Lane, Westlands there's another, Dr Vinayak - who is good. More like 1,000/ consultation.

I think that the key is to find somebody who is not going to make up problems when they look at the teeth, in order to raise their own revenue. Ie. saying there is a hole that needs to be filled when in fact there isn't one or wisdom teeth that need to be removed when they don't. (I am speaking from bitter experience).

With this in mind, my top recommendation would be Dr Griffiths & Partners. Dr Griffiths himself is pretty 'hands off' and sensible. He has seen all my kids, giving them the all clear (whereas earlier my middle daughter was told she might need a filling by another dentist). He is also located in Westlands, near the roundabout, off a slip road parallel to Waiyaki Way. There is an authodontist (sp?) and a Scottish hygenist based there too.

Good luck! Sorry to be so late in replying!!


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