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Post  aditya b on Sun Jun 12, 2011 12:57 pm

I am an Indian and got an offer from Nairobi (Ruiru) for the post of a Manager in an Industry.I am a bachelor so far but planning to get married this year.The company has offered me 1,36,000 KSH Per month(Before Tax)+furnished family accommodation with complete security+daily conveyance+food+Weekly conveyance to Nairobi+Free Laundry.
Is it a good salary and should i accept this offer? or I should wait for any other opportunity.I have heard that weather is very good at Nairobi,please give me a clarity on this and also on the life in Nairobi with the comparison to India.
Please help and guide me.

aditya b

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Post  Admin on Sun Jun 12, 2011 3:33 pm

Hi there, thanks for your question relating to your recent job offer.

It is quite hard to answer - but if you bills are all paid, you are to get furnished accommodation, transport, food etc. (I assume you would be staying with a family) then I reckon you could survive on 136,000 Kenya shillings per month. To put it into perspective, this is what a locally hired administrator/pa might earn at the British High Commission or Embassy - and they would be expected to pay all their costs from this, rent, food, transport etc.

Ruiru is a little way out of Nairobi centre, off the Thika road that heads north out of town. It is actually a good location since there is a new highway running past (completing construction now) which gives you both good dual carriage way access into the centre of town and south to the airport (both routes taking you around 15-20mins).

Kenya is a friendly, dynamic place with plenty of entrepreneurial spirit in evidence - much the same as India I imagine. Obviously the culture is very different - English is widely spoken but learning the language (kiswahili) helps in terms of understanding Kenya better. There is a strong, entrenched indian community who have been here for many generations - you will be bound to meet them and this may help you settle easily.


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Post  Venn Nye on Tue Jul 12, 2011 2:51 pm

Hello Aditya: Nairobi is an attractive city, but has many of the problems of many capital cities the world over that are experiencing sudden and unplanned growth. You will be used to that from India. One big difference is that you normally feel very safe (as a male anyway) going about your day to day life in India: you don't expect to be physically attacked, mugged, pick-pocketed or car-jacked. Here in Nbi there is at least the pervasive perception of crime and fear. You yourself mentioned "security", which I think you would not have mentioned if discussing a job offer in, say, Mumbai, Jeddah or Jakarta.

As the forum Administrator says, there are many Kenyans whose ancestors came from India. They have been here for centuries, coming and going with the seasonal monsoon winds over the ages: the man who showed Vasco da Gama the way to India in 1498 was an Indian seafarer in Malindi (a small town on the Coast here). But I am sure you will also want to mix with Kenyans of all backgrounds and tell them of the proud history of your country and your first Prime Minister Nehru's principled support for the Kenyans when they sought to be a free people.

Good luck.

Venn Nye

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