Landlord from hell! Help

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Landlord from hell! Help Empty Landlord from hell! Help

Post  Mary on Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:31 am

I've lived in a house in a compound in Karen for 4 short months. I love everything about it except the landlord. In retrospect, I should probably not have even signed the lease because some of the conditions are outrageous. I've come to understand that the expectations landlords have of tenants are quite different here than in most other countries, favoring the landlord in every respect. Does anyone have similar problems and does anyone know of a good real estate lawyer well versed in tenant's rights, if in fact we have any? Thanks!


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Landlord from hell! Help Empty Landlord from Hell

Post  Admin on Tue Jun 07, 2011 1:31 pm

Hi Mary,

I am so sorry!! I remember when we lived in Tanzania, because the crazy foreign aid/donor community was so strong there, landlords then were able to ask for 2 years rent upfront/in advance!! It was nuts!

Is there not a break clause/notice period that you can give in order to get out of your agreement - I thought that 3 months was the norm? I am sure that not all landlords are so unreasonable - some can be a bit lazy about maintenance but it sounds like you really have stumbled upon a bad egg. With the number of new gated compounds popping up in Karen at the moment, it sounds like your landlord cannot really afford to be difficult, but I know that this probably won't change matters. At least if you managed to get out of your tenancy agreement and moved you might easily be able to find something comparable with a nicer landlord? Did an agent help you find the house? Might they be of any help to you now?

good luck!


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